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As a veteran of the automotive service industry for over thirty years, our founder Scott Lightsey had the vision to see where there was an expanding market for Street Legal mini vehicles. Although there was no business model to follow, he knew the auto industry would not be the ones to pioneer this concept and realized the golf car industry provided the best platform to launch his business. Scott has done some crazy things in his past, one of which was to build an electric car from scratch in 1996. He did have some help from his friends, Al Simpler from Simpler Solar and Mark Hunt an excellent automotive technician. Together they created a 192 volt 1000 amp beast of car that could reach speeds of 110mph and under the best of conditions would get between 100-120 miles on a single charge. They took this vehicle to Phoenix and ran the drag strip time of 14.20 sec in the quarter mile. The development of this vehicle and the many years of experience in the Auto service business laid the foundation for Ecco Motors to be launched. In 2005 Scott opened his doors having to learn the golf car and electric drive systems business quickly. As a result Ecco Motors has grown in sales and products every year. The roots of the business are deeply embedded in customer service which has built the foundation for future growth and continued customer satisfaction.

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