Golf Cart Rentals

Cart Rentals

Ecco Motors has a professional fleet of over 40 Street Legal clean and ready golf carts. We have 4 Passenger Electric, 4 Passenger Gas, 6 Passenger Electric and 8 Passenger Electric carts. With the electric carts you can expect between 20 and 25 mile range out of a charge. The charge process usually takes around 10 hours. The gas carts get around 40 miles per gallon and the tank holds around 5 gallons. When you get low, a trip to the gas station will get you going again.

Rates :

Electric 4 Passenger        - $85.00 per Day, $535.00 per Week

Gas 4 Passenger               - $125.00 per Day, Hourly rental is available

Electric 6 Passenger        - $100.00 per Day, $630.00 per Week

Electric 8 Passenger        - $150.00 per Day, $950.00 per Week

There is a Florida Surcharge of $2.00 per day for cart rentals and a 7% sales tax will also apply.  Carts can be picked up at 147 Professional Place, Miramar Beach.  We can deliver and pick-up the carts for an additional $30.00 plus tax.  Rates shown are peak season rates. Please call for off-season rates. All drivers must present a valid driver’s license and must be at least 21 years of age.

Street Legal Golf Carts in Florida may be driven on any road that has a speed limit of 35 MPH or less.

To schedule your rental cart contact Kevin at 1-850-837-2600