Sandestin Specials

AdvancedEV 4Passenger 36 Volts - $5,995.00 + Destination, Dealer Prep, & Tax

This is the perfect 4 passenger cart for the Sandestin area. It has an On-Board Charger so you never have to worry about where the charger might be or if it was left out in the rain. It has seating for four with a fold down rear seat that allows you to carry groceries, beach gear, etc.. in complete comfort. The extended top provides partial cover from the rain or sun for the passengers in the back. It is a stylish cart with alloy wheels and 10" tires which provides a safe comfortable ride. This cart is ideal for you or your guests and it is priced well below what you would normally pay for a used or refurbished cart. It is available in 12 beautiful colors and very reasonably priced at $5,995.00 plus destination, dealer prep and tax. Come let us show you one.
AdvancedEV 6 Passenger 48 Volts - $7,995.00 + Destination, Dealer Prep, & Tax

This is the ideal 6 passenger cart for Sandestin. It has an On-Board Charge which is extremely convenient and it makes keeping the cart charged while not in use for extended times easy. You can comfortably seat 6 people with four facing forward. The fold down rear seat is perfect for carrying groceries, beach gear, etc. and its extended top protects people or things riding in the rear seat from the elements. The cart closely resembles a Yamaha with its contoured front end and center console and the alloy wheels and 10" tires really improve the look and ride of the cart. This is an economically priced sharp looking cart for only $7,995.00 plus destination, dealer prep and tax. The dependability of a new cart that’s priced well below what a used cart would sell for.